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Waste Tire Collection Center in Stockton

Since 1985, Tire Disposal & Recycling has been providing tire recovery and remediation services in Stockton. We specialize in waster tire collection, waste tire remediation, tire disposal and waste tire processing. Responsible tire recycling is imperative to avoid costly penalties. You can always rely on our licensed tire removal service to pick up scrap tires located in challenging or simple places. 

Our team works diligently to ensure that our customers are happy with the services we provide. We offer repurpose development programs, which are a noble way to provide tires with a second life. Make sure your old tires are handled with the help of Tire Disposal & Recycling.

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  • 33 Years in Business
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California Waste Tire Hauler Permits:

  • TPID 1003974

California Waste Tire Facility ID:

  • Stockton, CA - TPID# 1608939
  • Redding, CA - TPID# 1273899


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